WIlliam Pattison

Lord of the Sembian City-State of Saerloon


Lord William Pattison is the lord of the city-state of Saerloon. He commands the Sembian Regional Navy, and is a strong opponent of pirates within the Sea of Fallen Stars.


Pattison rose through the ranks of the navy at a young age. He showed his value to his commanding officers through unwavering courage, loyalty, and good interpersonal skills. Eventually, he managed to become a naval captain of a warship within the navy’s control – The Dreadful Whelk – a ship reclaimed from a famed pirate captain. Pattison recruited Dell Brewer as his first mate, a man that would rise to become his fleet admiral upon lordship.

As is the custom in Saerloon, when the lord of the city-state dies, the shipyard builds 5 sloops and gives one to each of the most successful admirals and their main officers. These men go out to the bay and participate in a naval battle. The last ship floating is victorious, and its captain becomes the new lord. Upon the previous lord’s death, Pattison, along with Brewer and his other officers, were victorious.

During one of Pattison’s naval campaigns as the newly crowned lord, his ship was attacked by an Ancient Great Aboleth. The monster tore a hole from stern to bow of his ship, killing most of his crew and seriously injuring Pattison. Pattison was saved by Brewer and the remaining crewmates, who killed the monster and dragged its corpse – and the shipwreck – back to Saerloon. The ship now serves as Pattison’s personal estate, attached to the side of the great palace that overlooks Saerloon (aboleth corpse included).

WIlliam Pattison

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